When it comes to live casino games in general, all hail the queen which is without doubt roulette. Roulette means little wheel in French and this online table game consists of 37 numbers and a ball which is span on the wheel and after spinning it falls on one of the numbers. There are many options to bet in roulette, like single numbers, different areas, red or black numbers, high or low etc. There are many variants about the origins of the roulette game. Many historians believe that the game originated in China, as an ancient board game that practically arranged 37 animal figurines into a magic square. Dominican monks are said to have discovered the game and brought it to Europe, of course with small modifications. Greeks and Romans reportedly are said to have used a version of the roulette game to entertain soldiers during military campaigns. However, the official version and the roulette game as we know it today was invented by French inventor Blaise Pascal who according to various encyclopedias was trying to build a perpetual motion machine. The wheel is a modification of the Italian game Biribi, and probably of ‘Roly Poly’ and ‘Even-Odd’ two very famous games in the 17th century Europe. Blaise Pascal was a well-known gambler and he must have known these games for sure, hence the roulette that we know today. The roulette game initially had 38 numbers, including double zero, which now days it’s called the American version as its used largely in the United States. The color green on the zero and red and black for the numbers were added later on.

Roulette Rules

As we mentioned earlier there are a myriad of ways that players can bet on the roulette. First of all, the roulette table that is covered in cloth is also known as the layout. The numbers are arranged in an arithmetical series on the layout and players can bet on single numbers as well as close numbers. Layouts are usually with a single zero and on the American version with a double zero. The roulette wheel is usually positioned on the corner of the table and this is the American version which is widely used. Roulette players have the chance to bet on more diverse options like red and black, odd or even or high or low numbers. When the ball drops on a number the croupier places a marker known as a dolly on the winning number and he clears from the table the loosing bets. After that he proceeds to the payouts of the bets are based on the probability and they pay in the following payouts:

Roulette Betting Payouts

Straight Up- Bet on one number (Pays 35-1)

Split - Bet on two numbers (Pays 17 to 1 e.g. 17-18)

Street Bet on three numbers in a line (Pays 11-1 e.g. 7-8-9)

Corner Bet on four numbers (Pays 8 to 1 e.g. 10-11-13-14)

Six Line Bet on six numbers (e.g. 31-32-33-34-35-36)

Outside bets

These bets are on the borders of the table and they cover larger areas of numbers

1 to 18 Low Numbers or 19 to 36 High Numbers

Red or Black numbers

Even or Odd numbers

These bets pay all 1 to 1

Dozen bet

A bet that Is placed for numbers 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36 and pays 2 to 1

Column bet- A bet that similar to the dozen is played 12 numbers in a column from 1 to 34, 2 to 35 and 3 to 36 and pays 2 to 1

French bets

Sometimes referred as call bets these bets are placed by a call from the player and the dealers announces it out loud. There are special compartments on the wheel and they are called the French bets according to their tradition. Neighbors of zero which is a nine chip bet covering a range of seventeen number from 22 to 25. Le Tier which is a 6-chips bet covering a range from 27 to 33. And the Orphans or Les Orphelins which are two sections who are in front of each other in the roulette wheel from 17 to 34 and from 1 to 9 which is a five-chips bet.


Roulette Wheel

The compartments of the roulette wheel are numbered from 0 to 36. The numbers are either black or red with no specific order. There is a green number 0, and in the American version there is also a double zero (00)


Double-zero wheel


The RTP of the game is 97.3 % for the European Version and 94.74% for the American Version with double 0. The green pockets, or zeros represent the first house advantage as all the outside bets red or black, odd or even or high and low will be lost if zero comes. But the real house edge consists of not paying a number as the payout is set to 36/1 when the probability of a single number bet is at 37/1. So if a roulette player would cover the 37 numbers by 1€ he would have bet 37€ and he would get back 36€ out of it.

Live Casino Roulette

In a bricks and mortar casino the roulette is played on a table as we mentioned earlier. There are usually three members of the casino crew. A Dealer, Chipper and an Inspector. There are seven seats and seven different colors of chips worth a unit. The players sit around the roulette table and place their bets on the layout. The dealer then spins the ball and asks the players to finish the bets. After the ball loses momentum and falls on the winning number the dealer proceeds with the payouts. The chips are pushed from the dealer to the players and a new rounds starts. Usually on average a roulette hand lasts three to four minutes in top casinos where dealers are experts. The atmosphere in the live casinos is very entertaining. There is music in the background, people drink, play and very often socialize. From time to time there are heard shouts from angry players who are losing but this is a part of the game.

online roulette

Online Roulette

During the last decade the online casinos have improved their offerings. Besides the RNG Roulette, the latest technological advances have made possible that the Live Casino Roulette to be offered exactly as in the live casino floor. Ultra high definitions cameras in real time and advanced computing systems have made this possible and the roulette players can enjoy a live game from the comfort of their houses without the need to move whatsoever. Evolution gaming is spearheading this revolution in the live games and the online industry is seen as a major disruptor of the live industry. Here at Betzest players have a chance to play live and rng roulette from the comfort of their couches in a very controlled and secure environment.

Play Roulette for Free

We broke down the essentials of the roulette in this article and in the next sections we will talk about various expert roulette strategies and systems. If you are a newbie we always advice to play roulette for free and not using real money. Here at Betzest we offer the free play version of our games and only after you thoroughly assessed the game and got used to it, only after this process you can play for real money and enjoy the best that the roulette has to offer. Furthermore, if you still don’t want to risk money, we got you covered, Betzest offers a 5€ free play for all mobile verified players and you can enjoy a real money game without any risks whatsoever. Moreover, we reserve an abundant 100% up to 200€/$ as a welcome bonus and every day we have special offers and surprises for all our players.

Roulette Strategies

There were many systems and strategies developed during the centuries to play roulette. These stratagems had the purpose of beating the game and therefore making a profit out of it. Special patterns were studied and most of them were just fallacies. For instance, after 15 times coming red numbers a common idea is that the black number should have more chances to come but that’s obviously not true. They still have an equal chance nevertheless. No matter of the system used or the mathematical calculations to build a winning model, every system will always result in the player’s losing money. There are no systems, no matter how sophisticated they might be that can beat the modern roulette wheel. There were also many prediction models that tried to predict the areas where the ball can fall, but these models were countered by roulette manufacturer John Huxley. Huxley and his designer Melas reduced the depth of the number sections of the roulette wheel and gave particular slope heights to specific number pockets of the wheel. There are many cases in history of persons trying to exploit the roulette by using computers to analyses and predict the area where the ball could fall and some of them were even successful. Two Serbs and a Hungarian using a scanner in a smartphone in 2004 predicted accurately the areas where the ball could possibly fall and made 1.3 M € out of it. They were arrested and jailed but eventually allowed to keep the winnings.

Betting Systems of Roulette Play

During the centuries as we mentioned earlier there were numerous attempts to beat the house and specific betting systems are some of those stratagems. Most of them are variations of the Martingale system. In this scheme the player doubles the bet after each loss, and after the winning bet he recuperates the previous losings. The problem with this roulette system is, as we said earlier the past numbers cannot influence the future numbers, so after 8 times coming red numbers a common idea is that the black number should have more chances to come but that’s obviously not true, and the player could end up losing a lot of money if the eleventh or the twelfth number is still a losing number. The Fibonacci sequence is also used by many system players and the famous progression is applied to the bets. The Labouchere system is also a series of progressive bets but not a chain of double ups as the Martingale. The Dalambert system is best known for the low risk; it adds a unit to a losing bet and it takes a unit of a winning bet.

Responsible Gaming

We always advice our players to play for fun and not to play with money that are necessary for vital activities. Gambling is highly addictive and we recommend players that always should do a reality check, play slow, not in high sums as the losses might be unrecoverable. By playing small and having fun the entertainment can last longer especially in roulette.