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When we talk about casinos, be it bricks and mortar or online, the popularity of slot machines is undisputed. Many players are not properly informed about them and many industry operators like to take advantage of that general vagueness about games. In our blog here at Betzest there are numerous articles about popular slots and their modus operandi. Slots are highly entertaining and their range of themes is nearly limitless. When it comes to the reliability of slots, here at Betzest we got you covered. We are licensed and backed up by the top authorities when it comes to online gambling and they certify the fairness and security of the games.

High RTP Slots are more popular

One of the elements that determines how much the slot will pay out its RTP (Return to Player or as it’s sometimes called the payback percentage). This is a key concept when it comes to popular slots and casino gaming in general. So for instance, if a slot has an RTP of 97.3 % it means that for 100€ wagered on a slot, 97.3€ will be returned to the player over a certain period of time. The remaining 2.7€ are what we call the house edge, and that’s the percentage that the casino wins. So for each 100€ wagered the casino will win 2.7€. Theoretically only over the course of many and many spins the percentages tend to fall on these ratios. So it’s obvious that the payout it’s actually lower than the odds of winning. Like roulette for instance, where the odds of hitting a number are 1/37 while the payout its just 1/35, so a number (2.7%) it’s the house edge of the roulette. This is the scheme of nearly all the casino games that there are.

popular slots

Random Number Generator and Popular Slots

Another key concept to bear in mind regarding slot machines it’s the RNG (Random Number Generator). Old school slot machines or the mechanical ones, the coin slots if you want, used RNG pretty much the way roulette uses it, card games or dice. These are all mechanical random number generators. Instead, for modern slot machines, video slots etc, a computer is used to generate random numbers and the outcome of the games is determined electronically. Results are absolutely randomized and are not predictable in any way, they do not work on a cyclical basis.

Slots and Reels

Slot machines have usually three, five and sometimes even seven reels. The classical reel, it’s a metal cylinder with multiple symbols on it and if they align in a certain way, the player wins a specified amount of money, and these amounts can be found on the payout table. Many popular slots have the payout table shown at all time. Modern slot machines however, are computerized and the reels and the symbols are just screen images where e RNG inside the computer determines the outcome of the game. On the classical slot machines, the mechanical ones, every symbol on the wheel has an equal chance of showing up while on the modern ones, there are symbols who can come up each 30 or 50 spins, depending on the outcome of the RNG.

For instance, a slot has three reels with 10 symbols for reel which are called stops. So if a symbol has a chance of one tenth to come up on a reel, the chances that those symbols align are 1/000 (1/10 x 1/10 x 1/10). But with technology, computers can make up those odds using weighting system. On modern videoslots and megaways for instance there are special symbols that are programmed for odds 1/30, 1/50 and even 1/100 to come up, so there are hundreds of thousands ways to align those symbols and the winning multipliers accordingly. So in modern slot machines there are payouts that exceed x100 000 odds and more. With 1€ bet per spin there are theoretical and practical chances to win more than 100K € in a single hand. These odds are designed and specified in the par sheet, where the mathematicians state the actual odds of coming up for each symbol. Finally, one more key concept regarding slots it’s the volatility, which means how often the slots will pay out. High volatility means that the slot will pay rarely but big payouts while low volatility means that the slot will pay often but in smaller amounts.

Popular Slots Elements

There are thousands of popular slots today and with each provider or manufacturing house coming up with two or three games each month on average. Modern slots are also very popular because of their bonus features. Let’s see some of these features that add stimulation to popular slots:

Wilds: These symbols are substitutes, so if you got three fire balls for instance and a wild, it counts as a four of a kind. They play the role of the joker in video poker for example. Expanding wilds, or as some call it sticky wilds are wilds that cover the whole reel and stay in place for a certain numbers of spins.

Scatters: These symbols activate the free spins within the game or bonus rounds. They are combined between three and five symbols per board. Usually they return the biggest winning payouts

Re-spins: Re-spins are essentially like bonus spins and the reels will continue to spin until there is a winning combination.

Pick and Click Bonus: The game gives the player the option to choose between some symbols that hide different bonus features or coin wins.

Multiplier: The multiplier gives the chance to multiply the bonus rounds or free spins by x3 , x5 or x10. So if you are awarded 10 free spins with a x3 multiplier this means that all the winnings will be multiplied three times.

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Popular Slots at Betzest Casino

et’s have a look now at some popular slots here at Betzest :


When we talk about popular slots, Starburst it’s the one of the top. This classical Netent game with an arcade feel and an expanding wild which appears at reels two, three and four seems to age like fine wine. Launched in 2012 its still very popular among players. The game has five reels, three rows and ten pay lines with an RTP of 96.1%. The game doesn’t have a free spin feature and a player can win up to 50K coins in the game. The mobile version is also a popular slot machine as it comes in the famous special mobile optimized version Starburst touch

Gonzo’s Quest

This is also a very popular slot by Netent. It’s the first game to use the famous avalanche feature which is substituting the reels by cascading symbols and thus adding a plus to the multiplier. If you have winning symbols they will explode and making space for other symbols to come down. It has free falls and multiplier goes up to x15. Free falls are activated by three or more free fall symbols The game has five reels, three rows and a maximum win of 20 pay lines and an RTP of 96%. Minimum bet is 0.2€ and max bet 50€.


This branded game and very popular slot is based on the iconic Netflix series. Walking Wild feature, Drive By feature Locked up feature and finally a Free Spin feature. All the popular characters of the series are here and visually this is on the top Netent creations. The game has five reels, three rows and and it’s possible to win x1506 the stake. It comes with a minimum bet of 0.2€ and a maximum bet of 400€. It has a medium volatility and offers excellent branded content.